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Mae Busch biography

Mae Busch
Biography of Mae Busch (18 June 1891 -€“ 20 April 1946) Mae Busch was an Australian-born film actress who worked in both silent and sound films in early Hollywood. During her career, Mae played Erich Von Stroheim’€™s mistress, Lon Chaney’€™s girlfriend, Charley Chase’€™s sister, James Finlayson’€˜s ex-wife and Oliver Hardy’€˜s...
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James Finlayson biography

James Finlayson
Jimmy Finlayson – August 27, 1887 -€“ October 9, 1953 Jimmy Finlayson, best known for his recurring roles in various Laurel and Hardy films as their foil, was born James Henderson Finlayson on August 27, 1887 in Larbert, Scotland, to his parents Alexander and Isabella.  Little is known...
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Stan Laurel biography

Stan Laurel photograph
Biography of Arthur Stanley Jefferson, aka Stan Laurel (June 16, 1890 -€“ February 23, 1965) Stan Laurel, the tall, thin, “dumb” half of the team of Laurel and Hardy, is an interesting individual in his own right. Stan Laurel was of the pioneers of motion picture comedies. Stan and his...
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