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Scram! (1932) starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Arthur Housman Scram! begins with Laurel and Hardy in court, on a charge of vagrancy.  It’s a warm, funny bit with Oliver Hardy’s kissing up to the judge, and Stan Laurel inadvertently admitting their guilt.  Since the jail is full the judge kindly gives them one hour to get out...
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County Hospital

County Hospital - chaos due to Stan LaurelCounty Hospital - chaos due to Stan Laurel
County Hospital (1932), starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy Stan Laurel has nothing better to do, so he decides to visit his friend Oliver Hardy, who’s recovering from a broken leg in the hospital.  The introduction is quite humorous, as the clueless Stan looks for Ollie in the wrong places, including...
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The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case

The Laurel and Hardy Murder Case - Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy meet the detective
The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case (1930)  The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case is more of a spoof of the haunted house movie, rather than an actual murder mystery, but the interplay between Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy make it all worthwhile.  The movie begins with Laurel and Hardy fishing off the end of...
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Habeas Corpus

movie review of the Laurel and Hardy short film Habeas Corpus (1928)  Habeas Corpus is a very funny Laurel and Hardy short film, although it’s technically not a “silent” movie – there’s a synchronized music soundtrack, but Stan and Ollie only dialog is revealed through cue cards. Habeas Corpus begins with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy coming to...
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Beau Hunks

Beau Hunks photo - Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel yelled at by their commander
review of the Laurel and Hardy short film Beau Hunks (1931) starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy Beau Hunks begins with Oliver Hardy singing “The Ideal of My Dreams”, as Stan Laurel cuts an advertisement for fertilizer out of the newspaper and unintentionally cuts the fabric out of Oliver’s upholstery, exposing a spring, which causes Oliver...
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Twice Two

Times Two - Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel (in drag), with both in dual roles as themselves as well as each other's wife
Laurel and Hardy‘s short film Twice Two (1933) Synopsis of Laurel and Hardy’s short film, Twice Two starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy Brain specialist Oliver Hardy, and his assistant Stan Laurel married each other’s sister a year ago, and phone their wives to plan a special anniversary dinner — but the wives have a special dinner...
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The Midnight Patrol

Colorized photo from The Midnight Patrol, starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy
The Midnight Patrol (1933) Laurel and Hardy short film, starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy Sad to say, The Midnight Patrol was the first Laurel and Hardy movie that I’ve ever seen that I didn’t find very funny.  The basic plot has rookie policemen Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy on patrol, who are notified by the police dispatcher that thieves are...
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Men O’War

Men O'War poster - Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy
Men O’War (1929) starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, James Finlayson, Charlie Hall Men O’War is a Laurel and Hardy short film where Navy sailors Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are on shore leave, and try to pick up a pair of lovely young ladies, and treat them to sodas.  However, Stan only has 15 cents, leaving...
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Night Owls

Night Owls (1930) starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Edgar Kennedy, James Finlayson After 42 burglaries in a week — with no arrests — police office Edgar Kennedy has his job hanging by a thread.  After fellow police officers joke that the only way that Kennedy will ever make...
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