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The Bohemian Girl

The Bohemian Girl (1936) starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Mae Busch, James Finlayson, Thelma Todd

Laurel and Hardy's comedy, The Bohemian Girl

Buy from Amazon.com Many people think of The Bohemian Girl as the answer to the trivia question, “What was Thelma Todd‘s final film?”  €”And that’s a crying shame.  The Bohemian Girl is actually one of my favorite Laurel and Hardy films, for several reasons.  It’s quick-paced, with some excellent comedic bits between Stan and Ollie.  The interplay between Oliver Hardy and Mae Busch (who plays his nagging, unfaithful wife) is very funny, with their perennial foil James Finlayson making an appearance at the end as “Captain Finn”, captain of the guard for the harsh Count Arnheim.

Comedy highlights of The Bohemian Girl include:

  • Stan’s solo wine bottling episode
  • Stan and Ollie’s pickpocketing fiasco
  • a sleight of hand contest between Stan and Ollie, as well as a game of “fingers”
  • Stan burrowing under Ollie’s mattress to steal some coins

Are there any negatives?  Very few; there are some musical numbers, but these are either short enough or entertaining enough (such as Arline’s singing about her dream, as “Uncle” Stan clowns around and eats all of Oliver’s breakfast).

My children enjoyed The Bohemian Girl as much as I did, and I recommend it highly.

Synopsis of The Bohemian Girl

A traveling band of gypsies, including Stan and Ollie,

Editorial review of movie review of The Bohemian Girl, courtesy of Amazon.com

This Hal Roach production is Laurel & Hardys last comic operetta and features The Boys as gypsies who, thanks to Ollies scheming wife, become guardians to a young girl who is in reality a Royal Princess. But of course, things turn out for the best since The Boys do their very best to protect the girl and bring her up properly. This comedy classic was the last screen appearance of beloved Thelma Todd before her untimely death later in the year. A Dont Miss classic for fans of The Boys.

Funny movie quotes from The Bohemian Girl

The Bohemian Girl, Oliver Hardy, Stan Laurel, 1936Mrs. Hardy (Mae Busch): Don’t “honey” me, you big bag of suet!  I told you five minutes ago not to talk to me; I told you an hour ago, I told you a week ago!
Stanley (Stan Laurel): And you told him a year ago too, didn’t you?
Mrs. Hardy (Mae Busch): You shut up when I’m talking to my husband!

Stanley (Stan Laurel): Do you believe me, or believe what I see?
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Nothing of the kind!

Stanley (Stan Laurel): Did you see him chuck her under the chin?
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Well, what of it?
Stanley (Stan Laurel): If she was my wife, I’d chuck her under the wagon.
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): What are you trying to do, cause a rift in my matrimonial bonds?

Town crier: [repeating] Nine o’clock and all’s well!
Stanley (Stan Laurel): Can you tell us the time?
Town crier: Certainly.  Hold my bell.  Should be, exactly, nine o’clock. [while his back is turned, lighting his lantern, Stan picks his pocket] Say, what did you ask me the time for?  I’ve been yelling it all over the village!  [takes bell back] It’s nine o’clock and all’s well! [bell doesn’t work – Stan has stolen the clapper]

Stanley (Stan Laurel): I see a long woman and a dark journey.

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): [after Stan has bumped into a man coming out of a tavern] Why can’t you be careful? [Stan shows him the items picked from the man’s pocket] Oh, well, that’s different!

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Bring us two tankards of your rarest vintage.
Stanley (Stan Laurel): And put a wallop in it!

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Give me it … [Stan gives him a few coins] Give me all of it.
Stanley (Stan Laurel): Why should I?  It’s as much yours as mine!

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Give me part of that banana. [Stan hands him the peel, Oliver absent-mindedly begins to eat it]

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Whose kid is that?
Mrs. Hardy (Mae Busch): It’s none of your business.
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): What do you mean, it’s none of my business?  I demand to know who she is!
Mrs. Hardy (Mae Busch): Well, if you must know, she’s yours.
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Mine?  Well, why didn’t you tell me before?
Mrs. Hardy (Mae Busch): Because I didn’t want her to know who her father was ’til she was old enough to stand the shock!

Stanley (Stan Laurel): Well, blow me down with an anchovy!

Stanley (Stan Laurel): Well, Oliver, I hope you grow up to be as good a mother as your father.
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): Thank you, Stanley.

Mrs. Hardy (Mae Busch): What are you doing?
Stanley (Stan Laurel): [churning butter] I’m making myself a malted milkshake.
Mrs. Hardy (Mae Busch): How long does it take?
Stanley (Stan Laurel): Between 15 minutes and a quarter of an hour.

Stanley (Stan Laurel): [to Mrs. Hardy] Don’t worry about me – I can gyp that gypsy anytime.  You know, he’s so dumb, he’s thicker than mud.

Oliver (Oliver Hardy): You know, you have a nice voice.
Stanley (Stan Laurel): I had a much nicer voice ’til I ran a nail through it.

Arlene: Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my sould to keep, if … what’s next?
Oliver (Oliver Hardy): If … at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again!


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