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The Lucky Dog – Laurel and Hardy’s first film together

The Lucky Dog – Laurel and Hardy’s first film together

The Lucky Dog (1921) was the first film featuring the famous comedy duo of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, later known as Laurel and Hardy. Though they appear together, they are here not the comedy team that they would later become. Oliver plays, as he did in many of his early films, a villain – €”a thief, who tries to rob the hapless Stan, who loses money in the process, thanks to the dog that Stan has befriended. The team would not appear together again for several years.

The Lucky Dog - the first on-screen pairing of Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel

Funny movie quotes from The Lucky Dog

  • So broke that he couldn’t buy metal polish for a thumb tack – Stan Laurel.
  • The landlady whose heart is harder than her mattress
  • “Pay your bill, it’s beginning to look like the war debt.”
  • “Sweet one, this flower has a scent but I haven’t.”
  • [Oliver Hardy trying to hold up Stan Laurel] “Stick ’em up, insect, before I part your hair with lead!”
  • [as the fat Ollie tries to follow Stan through a small hole in a fence] You can’t get a truck in a Ford garage.
  • Stan Laurel: “He’s a dandruff dog — hard to get rid of.”
  • He plans a revenge that’s worse than the telephone service.
  • The plotters arrive, as welcome as Blue Sunday.
  • “Meet Count de Chease from Switzerland.”

Trivia for The Lucky Dog, Laurel and Hardy’€™s first film together

  • The first time Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were in a film together. In the film, Hardy was a robber who robbed Laurel at gun point.
  • This film was already made in late 1919, but shelved for several years.

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